Melissa Ghionis

Business workflow

Most of us work for ourselves, trying to juggle everything that needs to get done in our business, while still trying to be creative and photograph our clients, while also trying to find a balance between work and time for ourselves and our family. If you are in a position where you have to wear many hats in your studio, then you'll really enjoy the tips, tricks and solid advice on how to streamline the process, make your business more efficient and find a way to get it all done without stressing. Many photographers don't enjoy the business management side of a business, and that's okay. We'll help you find ways to get it all done properly and as smoothly and quickly as possible. 


Successfully handling client complaints

It's never easy to find out that a client is unhappy with you or your studio.  Whether it was actually your fault or not. But how you handle that situation is extremely critical to your business. There are some very specific steps that you'll want to take when handling a complaint to ensure that you are left with a successful outcome. We'll go over the step by step process of how to deal with an unhappy client. And as a bonus, we'll also learn how to quickly convert them into one of your most loyal customers.


Melissa Ghionis has developed a reputation for her skills in creating and cultivating relationships and for her excellent customer service. A reputation she earned after 16 years of experience in the photography industry. After running a successful, award-winning studio in Boston, MA for over a decade she is now working in a high-end studio in Melbourne, Australia and in the United States with Jerry. Melissa’s most recent passion is the creation of her non-profit charitable organization named The Soul Society (, a charity she co-founded together with Jerry. The Soul Society was created with the specific purpose of caring for poor, homeless and orphaned children in third world countries, one soul at a time.