Nikki and Ashley


If you’re a wedding photographer, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of enquiries for Candid photography, am I right? Its no wonder why this trend is growing, the more you can recognise yourself in a photo, the better. But it’s not so easy. It’s not as simple sitting back and hoping for the subject to smile just the right amount in the perfect light as breeze sweeps her hair. During our talk, we explain why it is important to direct your clients on the day whilst not interfering with the flow natural moments. We’ll go behind the scenes to show you how we rely on natural light to create beautiful images for both stills and Video, Dive into our thought process and why making good decisions on the day will make your life easy in post. Most importantly we will share with you tips and tricks on how we work together to ensure the photographer and videographer are benefiting from one another….. not always an easy task!


First and foremost I am 100% a lover of love, I love documenting weddings for the simple reason of being surrounded by love and happiness, I like to think of my self as a romantic, you can often find me crying during the ceremony and trying to secretly wipe away the tears. I am a perfectionist at everything I do, I put my heart and soul into every single wedding I shoot. I have been shooting weddings since 2011 I feel since then I have been living a dream, I wake up every day and wonder how I got so lucky to be able to do a job that I have so much passion for. I believe I offer something a lot different, I take the upmost pride in every photograph I take and would describe my work as fine art, I love to create something different than the standard wedding photograph. I am obsessed with light in all forms, whether it be a beautiful sunset or special off-camera lighting, nothing excites me more than being inspired by all light in all its forms. I am incredibly passionate about travelling and have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to combine both my passion for photography and travel and have been booked to photograph weddings across the globe, I have been lucky to photograph weddings in the UK, Greece, Indonesia, Vietnam and Fiji with many more international jobs lined up for the future. My work has been awarded both nationally and internationally. I am an Associate member of the Australian Institute of professional photography. Anyway enough about me, I'd love to hear more about you're love story.

Ashley K 


My name is Nikki Fox. I am the founder and Studio Director here at Luxe Film House and I get to tell other peoples love stories for a living.
I am a hopeless romantic. I always have been. My love of romance and passion for cinematography led to establish Luxe Film House some 6 years ago. In that time I have been lucky enough to capture hundreds of weddings and share their stories. It is a real privilege to witness the unison of couples over the years. To get to see couples at their best, the peak of their love and happiness means I undoubtedly have the best job in the world.

Nikki Fox


Schedule 2019

Tuesday 12th November

Trade Opens & Rego Opens 8.30am Trade Show and Registration Opens
Joshua Holko 9.30am - Polar Wildlife Portraiture
Coffee Break 11.00am 
Rocco Ancora 11.15am - Creating Dramatic Portraits
Lunch Break 12.45pm 
Forum 1.30pm 
Lauren McGill 2.00pm - Finding The Light
Coffee Break 3.30pm 
Melissa Ghionis 3.45pm - Business Workflow 
Drinks 5.15pm 
Evening Hands on Shoots 6.30pm 
End 9.30pm

Wednesday 13th November

Trade Opens & Rego Opens 8.30am Trade Show and Registration Opens
George Fetting 9.30am - What makes a Good Headshot
Coffee Break 11.00am 
Jason Edwards 11.15am - The Day in the Life of News Photog
Lunch Break 12.45pm 
Forum 1.30pm 
Ashley and Nicki 2.00pm - Not So Fancy
Coffee Break 3.30pm 
Jerry Ghionis 3.45pm - Meaning & Purpose
Drinks 5.15pm 
Print Awards 6.15pm 
End 7.30pm


Leonda By The Yarra 

Leonda By The Yarra is an iconic Melbourne venue in an outstanding location. Situated on the banks of the Yarra River in Hawthorn and just 4 kilometers from the CBD, Leonda offers both convenience and tranquillity. There is complimentary parking on-site and excellent public transport links from the city, with a range of accommodation close by.

Car Parking

If you choose to drive to Leonda then we have FREE parking on-site that can accommodate up to 150 vehicles.

Public Transport

Tram - Leonda is located just steps from stop 29 Power St/Riversdale Rd on route 70. Once exiting the tram, walk approximately 200m down Wallen Rd towards the City. We will appear on your left!
Train - After exiting at Hawthorn Station, walk for approximately 630m down Evansdale Road towards Wallen Rd. The path will veer left slightly at Glan Avon Rd and go under a bridge.
Boat - For something a little bit wow, arrange for boat transport from Melbourne’s iconic Southbank to Leonda’s own private jetty