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Entry Rules and Regulations for the Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competition for 2022 

  1. All information about the selection process, including the official online entry form (Entry Form) and eligibility requirements form part of these rules and regulations of the submissions. By submitting their film, an entrant (Entrant) agrees to be bound by the Rules. All film entries must be accompanied by the completed Online Entry Form and comply with these Rules. The Organizer is Kayell Australia Pty Limited (ABN 13 087 954 149) 30 Whiting Street Artarmon NSW 2064 (Kayell).

  2. Entrants must be over the age of 18 years and be an Australian permanent resident for at least one year prior to the Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competition closing date, 8th June 2022

  3. Entries for the Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competition are open and close on the 8th of June 2022

  4. The Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competition has no categories but instead a theme (Illuminate) “make (something) visible or bright by shining light on it; light up”. Filmmakers are rewarded the more they incorporate the theme in their film.

  5. Maximum length of the BTS is 5 minutes, films can be shorter but must exceed 2 minutes.

  6. To be eligible, all the Submitted Film’s footage must have been shot after 1st January 2019.

  7. The Submitted BTS must be received with the completed Online Entry Form and a link to your film including all information for access needs to be completed.

  8. No less than 50% of the film must be shot on a DLSR, Mirrorless or higher quality camera, this allows room for smaller compact cameras and drones to be used.

  9. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to ensure all consents have been obtained and granted for the submission, consideration, judging and public screening of the Submitted BTS at the Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competition announcement evening and that this will not infringe the rights, including copyright, of any third party.

  10. The Entrant indemnifies and will keep Kayell and its partners, licensees or assignees, indemnified from all costs, damages or expenses incurred as a result or a consequence of any breach of the Entrant’s warranties and undertakings in respect of the Submitted BTS Film to the Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competition.

  11. The Entrant holds copyright but must provide Kayell permission to use the submitted BTS or any part of the submitted BTS, in any way to promote and exhibit at the Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competition presentation nights, its website and social media. Where possible, such usage will include credit for director and cinematographer This includes:

(a) A non-exclusive license to use the content of an individual’s entry, or any part of the content of the entry, in all media, for marketing and promotional purposes relating to the Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competition, for 24 months from the close of submissions.  Usage of shortlisted’ and winners’ films may be used in advertisements for Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competitions, in (but not limited to) online, promotional materials, in-store point of sale materials, news media, and social media.

  1. A screening copy of the Film must be provided to Kayell when requested no later than the 13th of June 2022. The film should be supplied via a downloadable online link.

  2. The digital format of the film must be high definition no less than Full-HD (1920x1080) resolution MP4 file at widescreen 16:9 ratio with Stereo sound. Any issues with file format are the filmmaker’s responsibility and failure to provide the correct file may result in the film being pulled from the line-up.

  3. Judges will be appointed by Kayell to select the winners from the submitted films and award the relevant prize and/or award. The decision of the judges is final, and no correspondence can be entered into. Entrants should be aware that all works are judged on an equal basis.

  4. The announcement of the winners and the playing of the winners BTS films will take place on the Evening we screen our third event which will take place at 7pm on the 15th of June 2022

  5. Those not eligible for entry are employees/contractors, partners and judges of the Illuminate Filmmaking BTS Competition and Kayell Australia employees including families.

  6. Any matter not covered by the Rules may be determined by Kayell in its absolute discretion. Any determination on, variation or addition to, the Rules made by Kayell will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  7. All entries are subject to the laws of Australia and the state of New South Wales

  8. All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice

  9. The organiser can be contact here illuminate@kayell.com.au

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